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From the beginning of civilization, man has used leather to create shelter, clothing, containment, and decorative arts. As we have evolved, it's usage is less and less out of necessity, but has yet lose it’s supple appeal. FORT is delighted to have founder/CEO ofLu Rosa & Co join us for a special evening of working beautiful leathers. We will make wallets, keychains, and leather pulls for you to take home with you. 
Sign up: LeatherGoodness.Eventbrite.com


Typically FORT hosts WORKSHOPS, creating pieces from reclaimed and recycled materials. In the last year and a half however, participants have asked about how to DIY something a little less tangible...a business. Many people have incredible ideas that lay dormant for years and most, sadly never see the light of day. Actualizing these dreams and passions as an everyday reality, may be closer in reach than you think. As a recent graduate of the Tory Burch and Goldman Sachs' first West Coast entrepreneurial class, Jacqueline Sharp will walk us through the incredibly exciting world of starting your own business. Sign up at StartYourCompany.eventbrite.com. Workshop begins at 7:30 on 06.24.14, hosted at FORT in DTLA. Looking forward to seeing you there!


WeWork hosts a hands on evening with Jacqueline Sharp, founder of FORT  exploring the endless possibilities of scrap materials, the role they play in your life, and in our world.  This provocative workshop and talk are sure to enliven a newfound perspective on your own creativity. You will work on and take home a stunning piece of this evolution in the green movement.  Each person will design and create a leather bound vase (pictured examples featured below) of their own.  Come get inspired, socialize, and connect with local artists, and LA business owners.  We look forward to seeing you there.